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Ui is:  Universe’s internet,  Unlimited inspiration, Untapped insights, Unmatched iQ and U & i Accessing One Mind.

Start A New Career, Upgrade Your Current Skills, Help Loved Ones Heal and Prosper

Have you ever wanted to help someone and not had all the answers? Have you ever been frustrated at how long it can take to get to the root of a problem or issue? Have you ever been concerned about misleading someone in an important life decision? If Yes, then its time you went BEYOND THE MIND. Welcome to Universal Intelligence – where you get to access all the answers at the speed of THOUGHT. Ui is the very intelligence surrounding us in Nature. It is in our DNA, it is the source of our intuition. When we tune into Ui for answers, we are tuning into a sublime intelligence, an all wise, all knowing intelligence. With Ui there is no hit and miss, no trial and error – just hitting the nail on the head every time. If you truly want to make a difference to others personally or professionally, Ui has the answers.

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Ui Mentoring In Action



Ui Makes The Impossible, Possible.

Access Information, Knowledge And Wisdom Beyond The Mind

Ui Mentor IconInfinite Answers At Your Fingertips “Coaching and mentoring this way is effortless for me! No exhausting sessions, no thinking through the best possible solutions, no worrying about misguiding somebody. Instead, I receive and then relay essential guidance to my client.”

Ui Mentor IconIt’s Intuition At Its Best!   “I receive answers, guidance and wisdom straight into my thoughts, as if my brain comprises both the wireless antenna and Google. Ui is the Universal “internet”, where all answers can be found.”

Ui Mentor IconGet Results Fast!  “As a psychologist it has taken session after session to get to the heart of the problem. With Ui I get shown the cause and solution in a feeling, in a strong and clear message, and all this occurs in minutes, sometimes in seconds”

Ui Mentor Icon“No More Hit And Miss!” “No more trial and error or hit and miss! I transform a client’s life with every interaction I have, moving them immediately past their self-doubt and disbelief, beyond their resistance and fears, eliminating self-sabotage and moving them into being truly GREAT.”

Ui Mentor IconAccess The Cause Of Illness “With Ui, their body speaks to me. The body’s intelligence communicates what thoughts and beliefs are causing illness, ageing and disease in the body – it’s amazing! Perceiving illness and its remedy in another is the greatest gift!”

Ui Mentor Icon“It Is About Their Truth, Not My Opinions” “My sessions are not about my opinions or “expertise”, but more my discipline to step out of the way and let the guidance from my client, their inner truth speak to me. All I have to do is have the good senses to be the humble messenger and deliver the messenger!”

Ui Mentor IconMake A World Of Difference “I have always wanted to make a difference in this world. But I was stopped by –“what difference can I make”. Now I know that when I deliver truth it changes the lives of every person my client comes into contact with. One flame can light a million candles!”

Ui Mentor IconStep Into Abundance “Everyone is a mirror. I kept helping clients overcome financial struggle when I realized the messages I was shown to give them, were just as much for me as it was for my clients. I implemented the change and now I am flying! When we live our truth, our purpose—success is inevitable. In fact, living your purpose is success! Thank you Ui!”

Ui Mentor IconHelp Anyone, Anytime “There are so many courses and degrees that cost thousands more than this training, giving you only the skills to work with a select few. Armed with Ui, I get to help people of all walks of life, with all areas of their life. I get to help parents be more loving, business people be less greedy, and kids overcome fears and learning difficulties. I can’t wait to see who I get to help next.”  

Everyone Needs Answers. With Ui You Can Help Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

People from all walks of life require direction, wisdom and the right answers to make the best possible decisions is life. This is a rare training opportunity that gives you a unique skillset that EVERYONE needs. You get to be the guiding light, drawing on infinite intelligence to propel people’s lives forward. Help others become Limitless. Go beyond the intellect, into an awareness where all the answers exist, where people’s true purpose lies. Access Universal Intelligence to make a profound difference on this Earth.

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Imagine every human, being connected to one another, sharing one mind…

Imagine all of life, breathing in this one mind for truth, knowledge and wisdom. Imagine you at the center of this intelligence, accessing this ‘all knowing’ straight into your brain. That is who you are, that is Ui.   Daniel Rechnitzer

Thought Is A Frequency And Your Brain Is The Receiver 

Have you ever thought of a friend and moments later they phoned? Have you walked into a house and felt a vibe? How is this possible? We live in a world of energy frequencies, sound waves, light waves and so on. But the most important, and also most ignored, frequency of them all is THOUGHT generated by our thinking mind. Like a mini radio antenna, our brain broadcasts this frequency. But more importantly, it also picks up on this frequency, able to feel and perceive all kinds of thoughts. You can glean all the answers you need, by accessing unlimited information about ourselves, others and our reality. This ability represents the biggest breakthrough of the 21st Century, and we are here to help you master it.

Great Minds Think Alike...

"My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
Nicola Tesla
Nicola Tesla
Physicist & Inventor
"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”
Max Plank
Max Plank
Founder of Quantum Physics
"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Renowned Physicist

Thought Creates, Thought Is Self Aware, Thought Is Everywhere!

"Ui represents a sea of intelligence that underpins all matter. Like the cells in our body that ‘know’, all things carry this intelligence. We as human beings belong to it, we are it, and have it available to help us prosper in our lives."
Daniel & Sonja Rechnitzer
- Founders of Ui

Ui Is Truth – An Opinion Free Zone!

When we harness Ui we get something powerful, we get TRUTH. Without truth we all struggle, our health deteriorates, our relationships crumble and our finances go to ruin. Our life is an unfolding of Truth. From one experience to the next we are all on the journey of learning our greater truth. Aches, pain, illness, and disease are all symptomatic of a non-truth. In fact, wherever there is struggle there is an absence of Truth.

So what is Truth?

Truth in the simplest of terms is: ‘What Works’. Since early on in our lives we have adopted other people’s versions of what our reality consists of. We have believed what others say about us and now, we are left with many inaccurate perceptions of our life and about ourselves, i.e non-truths. Our bodies reflect non-truths as does our life experiences. If Truth is ‘What Works’, then non-truth is ‘What Doesn’t Work’. Wherever you are experiencing struggle and hardship, there is a non-truth in your concept of reality. Classic examples of non-truths include:

  • I can’t afford to do what I love.
  • I am not a success unless I am wealthy.
  • It’s not possible to do what I love and make lots of money.
  • I am all alone in this world,
  • I am a failure and a disappointment.
  • I am only human.

The fastest way to heal any struggle in our life—be it physical, financial, in business or even in the economy—is to heal the non-truths. Our inner reality is reflected in our outer reality. If we base our lives on misconceptions, errors, or non-truths, we make decisions based on non-truths, thereby creating more and more struggle. When trapped in the thinking mind, seeing the truth can be a real challenge. So what do we do? At Ui, we have pioneered a breakthrough methodology that enables you to be in truth, to live in truth. We first train you on how to master this space for yourself and then once proficient in that, you will learn how to hold this space for others. You will learn how to elevate your awareness to where all the answers exist, beyond the mind.

“Ui is Truth. We ARE Truth and so we must return to Truth.” Sonja Rechnitzer

Ui brings you closer to experiencing your true nature at all times. We as humanity are on the cusp on an evolutionary leap. No longer must we struggle and sacrifice our health and well-being for our growth. Rather our health and well-being is now becoming the natural extension of our growth. How does this relate to making a profound difference to others? Glad you asked. As a Ui Mentor you get trained in tapping into Ui to bring Truth to those you are helping. A Ui Mentor is an opinion free zone. All the answers already exist in Ui; it’s up to all of us to get out of our thinking mind to allow in the greater truth.

You can invest thousands of dollars and years of your life on courses to get a finite amount of generic tools and insights, or you can master the Ui training and become All Wise, ALL KNOWING, with infinite wisdom at your fingertips. When you choose the Ui Mentor Training, you choose to become one with your True Self, LIMITLESS in nature.

              Sonja Rechnitzer, CEO and Head Trainer

“I have been practicing as a psychologist for seven years now and I noticed a gap in my psychology theory and practice. It was a little hit and miss! Now, using Ui, I finally have the missing tools. Using Ui there is no missing the target!” K. Ebzery, Psychologist

“Trained in NLP, Time-line Therapy and Hypnosis, I already had quite a foundation for achieving results personally and with clients, but this has been the icing on the cake—taking me to a new level.” Tamra Mercieca, Advanced NLP Coach and Author

“Having investment many thousands of dollars and a great deal of time in studying Life Coaching, my colleagues and I still found something missing. Learning about Ui techniques, allows me to tap into myself and others in a very special, dynamic, and sustainable way. I highly recommend the Ui Coaching” Steve Evans, Life and Performance Coach

Lives Are Changing All Over The World, Thanks To Ui Mentors

“Thank you for the answer. It was very helpful. I will work on this. I have already ordered a copy of “The ALL KNOWING Diary.” Brazil  “Thank you for providing me with the core beliefs to my questions. Once I have those, I know how to easily clear them. I appreciate you doing this for me.” CA, USA 

“I want to thank you guys for such an incredible response – the answer makes so much sense to me and I definitely want to accept the truth so that I can move on from this.” Oklahoma, USA “WOW I AM BLOWN AWAY! This message resonates so deeply… I feel excited.” New Jersey, USA

“So I opened the first email regarding my situation with finances and at first I was ‘no way, that isn’t the truth’, but I printed it out and reread the email / answer and I felt a deep lodging of stuck material (subconscious) in my physical arena – and then I REALIZED it is my mother’s behavior and I thought I had no connection to that way of thinking or living!!!!  I love this work! Thank you so very much.” Arizona, USA

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Being a Ui Mentor is not just about Extraordinary Training. It’s about joining an Extraordinary Family

Universal Intelligence – One Mind, All the Answers